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"Doctoring the Mind" by Richard Bentall

(via MindHacks)
  • Health in mind - Daniel Freeman finds a challenge to psychiatric orthodoxy leavened by a touching humility - the Guardian; о новой книге Ричарда Бенталла
  • Doctoring the Mind - by Richard Bentall (Amazon.com)
    "The problems for psychiatry, Bentall argues, begin as soon as the first assessment, in which the clinician tries to get a handle on the patient's problems. Diagnostic classifications were invented, Bentall reminds us, not discovered - and their validity is often questionable. Back in the early 1990s, Bentall published a paper lampooning the psychiatric diagnosis of schizophrenia by proposing that there were stronger grounds to classify happiness as a psychiatric disorder ("major affective disorder, pleasant type")."

  • Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature (2004) - еще одна книга Бенталла

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